Welcome To Our New Home!

Hello Old Friend!

Thanks for joining us on this transition from Coffee Booster to Grasso Foods.  We are so happy that you're willing to join us on this next phase of our little family business.

We changed our name, but our core values have not.  We believe in pure ingredients and delicious taste without sugars

Coffee Booster Original is now the Grasso Mocha Creamer

Mocha Creamer Transition

Coffee Booster: Cinnamon Spice is now Grasso Chai Creamer

Chai Transition

Coffee Booster: Naked is now the Grasso Naked Creamer

 Naked Transition

Coffee Booster: Peppermint is now the Grasso Peppermint Mocha Creamer

Mint Transition

One of the big reasons for this transition is now we can now offer other products besides just coffee creamers. 

Introducing the Grasso Instant Matcha Latte - a green tea latte that just needs hot water!

Also, we are proud to also bring to you Grasso Fire Roasted Ghee! Our own ghee made from grass-fed, amish farmed butter.


Use the code "NEWYEAR" at checkout and your first jar is only $9.99!