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Lifehack: how I kept the weight off after quitting keto

The Keto diet was a powerful tool for me.  When I started it, I was 180 lbs.  After 3 months, I had dropped down to 155.  Nowadays, I walk around at about 160.  Besides losing weight, keto changed my relationship to food. And it’s because of this new relationship that I have been successful at maintaining the losses. This hack would not have been possible without my time in ketosis, because frankly, I didn’t understand how fickle my food cravings actually were.  If you’ve been in ketosis, you’ve felt how cravings usually last about 10 minutes, and then they can be gone for hours. It’s also important to have been in ketosis at some point in the past, because it increases...

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The Perfect Iced Keto Coffee

We are about to share with you THE secrets to delicious iced keto coffee. If you have ever tried blending butter with cold brew straight out of the fridge... you'll know that getting that perfect keto iced coffee is not always easy.  Here are the secrets to foolproof iced keto coffee. Each step is not hard, but they are ALL required to get that delicious, smooth, rich iced keto coffee. Secret Number 1: Make fresh HOT coffee This is the most important note. For laymen, making iced coffee usually means cold brew, or putting leftover coffee in the fridge until needed. However, for die hard keto coffee fans who need those extra quality fats, the only way to get a...

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