The Perfect Iced Keto Coffee

We are about to share with you THE secrets to delicious iced keto coffee.

If you have ever tried blending butter with cold brew straight out of the fridge... you'll know that getting that perfect keto iced coffee is not always easy. 

Here are the secrets to foolproof iced keto coffee. Each step is not hard, but they are ALL required to get that delicious, smooth, rich iced keto coffee.

Secret Number 1: Make fresh HOT coffee

This is the most important note. For laymen, making iced coffee usually means cold brew, or putting leftover coffee in the fridge until needed. However, for die hard keto coffee fans who need those extra quality fats, the only way to get a good blend is to mix the fats into HOT liquid.

Secret Number 2: Keep nut mylk, cream, or coffee iced cubes on hand

Because of secret #1, this is also critical to getting that cold refreshed iced coffee, without watering things down with regular iced cubes. Instead of storing leftover hot coffee in the fridge for making iced coffee, we turn it into iced cubes and keep them stashed in the freezer so we always have what we need to make a delicious iced version. You can also freeze dairy cream or whatever nut mylk or non-dairy creamer you like in your keto iced coffee.

Secret Number #3 - Quality matters

Anyone who says butter coffee doesn't taste could has been doing it ALL wrong. With the right quality ingredients in the right ratios, butter coffee is as enjoyable as the most carb-laden latte straight from the coffee show. Delicious light foam on top and perfectly blended fats with no trace of oil and no buttery flavor. That's why Coffee Booster is made with our own ghee made from the best quality grass-fed butter, and virgin coconut oil.

Follow the recipe below and you'll never go back to your regular iced brew.

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