Vanilla Jars (Legacy)
Vanilla Jars (Legacy)
Vanilla Jars (Legacy)
Vanilla Jars (Legacy)

Vanilla Jars (Legacy)

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Our take on a vanilla creamer, while staying true to our roots.  It's made with virgin coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, and pure vanilla bean powder. Enjoy, knowing you won't have any artificial flavors altering the taste of your coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Bachand
longtime satisfied customer

We have been using your coffee creamers for years (since they first came out as Coffee Booster).
Mocha and Peppermint Mocha are the favorites but the vanilla was great too.
Fall of 2023 the creamers began to go out of stock.
We wrote and were told that a critical member of you team was out but you should be back on track soon.
We waited a few weeks, wrote again and no response.
We called, no answer or call back.
We tried to order the 1 size peppermint mocha available and kept getting an error that it could not be shipped.
Then we would get a message the next day that we left something in our cart.
Can someone please post something to tell your customers if you will ever start production again??
There is no other product out there that is anyway near what your product is.
Hoping you can find a way to come back from whatever you have gone through.
You have a lot of loyal customers pulling for you.
Please just let us know what is going on.

Brian Purcell

You sent wrong product, I ordered peppermint mocha, you sent vanilla bean. I couldn’t be more disappointed! I sent your customer service a request to correct, haven’t heard a peep.

Belkys Elkin

Just the right flavor and easily dissolves in coffee. Gives you the right amount of healthy fats to keep you full for hours.

Elle Jolie

Best coffe creamer in the market !
Great flavor for your tastebuds and so great for your brain function


Tastes great in my coffee