I can make this myself, why should I buy yours?

Because we've found the highest quality ingredients in the market, and have premixed them into quantities for best effect and taste. We charge a premium for the quality and convenience of what we do.

Why don't I buy [other brand] instead? It's easier/quicker/cheaper.

You buy Grasso because our products taste better, pure and simple. If you disagree, we'll refund you.

What does Grasso Foods mean?

Grasso is Italian for fat.  The name comes from a love of Italian foods, and our commitment to foods that are equally delicious and fat-forward.

How do I use my Grasso Creamer?

For creamers, Add 1 Tbsp of creamer to 8 oz of freshly brewed hot coffee, and blend, shake, or froth for 10 seconds. If you just stir it with a spoon, it will float on top of the coffee.

How do I prepare the Instant Latte?

Add 1.5 Tbsp (a spoonful) to 8 oz of hot water (175 F), and blend, shake, or froth until completely mixed.

My package arrived damaged.

Contact us with the details of your issue.

My jar changed color.

This is normal - the ingredients can separate out if they get too hot.  Put the (closed) jar in warm water until the ingredients are melted.  Once liquid, shake the jar and then place in the refrigerator. It will be ready to use again.

I'm interested in wholesale/distribution.

Send us an email here.

I still have a question

Call us! If we don't pick up, leave a message and we will get back to you asap. (612) 234-5083